Conference Program

Here is the latest, revised on November 6, version of the Conference Program. Index has been updated last time on October 31st.

From now on all last minute corrections and changes will be made separately and posted in the Conference Updates section.

We have made changes-time and room for the lecture on how to be published in JME on Friday and for both SIG meetings on Saturday. For updates click "Conference Updates". 

If the first author has not registered by October 6, we will need to remove this presentation from the Program unless you contact us directly, explain the situation and ask for extension.

If another presenter(s) plans to lead the presentation and is registered, they need to inform conference organizers about this change right away.

Please mind that we are trying to keep our conference green, so do not expect to receive a paper version of the Conference Program. We will keep you informed about all possible changes/modifications via conference social media posts and on this website.

Conference siteHotel Motif, 1415 5th Ave, Seattle, WA

Suggestions for your paper presentation

All papers must be presented in English. Check for a number of presenters in your session. If there are four, then keep your presentation to 15 minutes; if there are three, you can keep it to 20 minutes. Do not read your paper; speak clearly and provide visuals such as Powerpoint, Prezi or Slides in consideration of international conference delegates whose native language is not English. Allow time for questions. Provide a business card or other means for distributing your paper electronically rather than bringing paper copies.

Please mind that the hotel does NOT provide Wi-Fi in conference rooms while it does provide it in guest rooms, lobby, and in the restaurant Frolik on the fifth floor.

So if you plan to use any video clip from the Internet during your PowerPoint presentation, please either reconsider it or embed a downloaded link into your presentation ahead of time.

Suggestions for your poster presentation
Size: 3 feet by 4 feet (91.5 cm by 123 cm).

Please ensure that all text is easily read from a distance of 3 feet or 1 meter. The poster should  overview your study or program. You will stand by your poster, present your work and answer questions from conference delegates. You may provide paper handouts or copies of papers, but we prefer that you email them to interested participants. Bring your printed poster to the conference and any special media required to post.

Check the following links for formatting posters: