Conference Program

See “Conference Highlights” tab and click on “Schedule at a Glance” for dates and broad planning purposes. The Program will be posted here soon.

Make your reservations at the Hotel Motif here: AME Conference Or call 855-515-1144 Use the code: AFME1107.

Suggestions for your paper presentation:

All papers must be presented in English. Keep to 15 minutes. Do not read your paper; speak clearly and provide visuals such as Powerpoint, Prezi or Slides in consideration of international conference delegates whose native language is not English. Allow time for questions. Provide a business card or other means for distributing your paper electronically rather than bringing paper copies.

Suggestions for creating your poster:

Suggested size: 3 feet by 4 feet (91.5 cm by 123 cm). Suggested links for formatting posters:

Please ensure that all text is easily read from a distance of 3 feet or 1 meter. The poster should  overview your study or program. You will stand by your poster, present your work and answer questions from conference delegates. You may provide paper handouts or copies of papers, but prefer that you email them to interested participants. Bring your printed poster to the conference and any special media required to post.