Pre-conference Workshop

This year we offer just one pre-conference practice-oriented and interactive workshop:

Integrating Moral Development, Mindfulness, and Social-Emotional Learning: A Recipe for Character provided by Emily J. Campbell, Amy L. Eva and Vicki Zakrzewski from Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley.

Abstract: How can moral development, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning work together to cultivate students’ development as people of character, able and motivated to behave ethically? In this practical, interactive workshop, we will integrate insights from research in these three fields of study–which are often treated as separate, but are actually deeply interconnected and complementary–in order to answer this question. Participants will explore moral reasoning, moral critical social engagement, moral identity, moral disengagement, and other aspects of character development through role plays, hands-on activities, and large- and small-group discussions. Ultimately, participants will leave empowered with cutting-edge, research-based knowledge, strategies, and tools to adapt and share with students and adults in schools.